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Toowoomba Railway Goods shed



Toowoomba Railway Goods Shed
Toowoomba, QLD

Toowoomba’s historic Railway Goods Shed has undergone first stage works to revive this State-Heritage listed building. Kelly Group was engaged to perform the roof replacement using specifically fabricated Barrel Roll Sheeting. This product is rolled on a restored 75-year-old barrel press to create bespoke deep corrugations perfectly designed to match those on century old buildings. The rectification work will revitalise the historic link of railways to the city’s heritage.

Initial work completed in 2018, including temporary propping and asbestos removal, paved the way for this Stage One rectification. The resulting space will be open plan for a mixed use of commercial and community events.

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One of the challenges, for the Kelly Group crew, specific to this project was allowing for the movement of the building. The impressive, original, timber trusses were designed to allow movement of up to 40mm end-to-end and 70 mm side-to-side. Kelly Group’s innovative design of a ‘sacrificial’ flashing fitted to the timber structure to seal the steel door portals provided the solution.

Other challenges as a result of the heritage features included bird proofing and custom flashings for heritage listed sumps and down pipes. In addition, council stipulated that the existing timber fascia must remain in its original condition showing all the imperfections of a 100 year old building. This made installing new product to the timber fascia exceedingly difficult. However, the result stays true to the aged, heritage aesthetic of the building. The team fabricated the sumps, downpipes and various custom flashings fit-for-purpose in their Toowoomba based workshop.

The exposed timber trusses and roof sheeting combine with the generous proportions of the interior space to preserve the original feel and character of this iconic landmark. Kelly Group is proud to play our part in the restoration of this century old shed so that it continues to provide an important historical reference for the region and functions as a vibrant part of the railway precinct.

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